In some countries it is compulsory to have overseas travel insurance policy to obtained visa for that countries. The cost of medical care especially in countries such as USA and Canada is prohibitively high and could cause major financial problem if a person travelling to these countries was to meet with an unfortunate accident/illness.
To protect against such contingencies, it is prudent to opted travel insurance policy why traveling on business are holiday are education etc.

Travel Insuranceproducts are available in the form of package with a range of covers with in one product the followingcovers are offered buy most of the insurance companies.

  1. Accidental Death/disability
  2. Medical expenses due to illness/accident
  3. Loss of checked in baggage
  4. Hijack cover
  5. Loss of passport and document
  6. Cancellation of trips
  7. Delay in arrival of checked in baggage
  8. Third party liability for property/personal damages

Cover is granted is US dollar and sum insured ranged from USD 50000 to USD 1000000.

You must check with your insurer regarding this as it would depend on the policy. Most policies, especially overseas travel insurance policies have a provision for one or even two extensions.

Generally, there will be a minimum stipulated period. Normally pricing of the policy goes by the “trip band” i.e., the number of days of travel involved and there would be a minimum trip band.

Most of the companies do not require pre-acceptance heath check-up For person up to the age of 70 years.

Prior approval would be required in most cases though there could be exceptions depending on the emergency involved. Get this aspect clarified at the time of purchasing the policy.

A Third Party Administrator is one who offers claims services on behalf of the insurer. In most cases, they offer cashless facility. You must confirm details from your insurer before you travel. Ensure that your policy document has all the contact details and other relevant information related to the services offered by the Third Party Administrator.

In case your travel doesn’t take off and you show proof of the same, policies would normally provide for premium refund subject to deductions towards administrative costs. Where travel is cut short, policies may or may not allow refund subject to certain conditions. You must read your document and understand whether there is such a provision and if so, how it operates.

Premium is charged based on purpose of visit, age duration of trip, sum of insurance and destination selected.

You can purchase it at any time before leaving India.

When you purchase insurance online, you will immediately receive a confirmatory email with details of the insurance. It is prudent to print this and to keep a backup of this email. You will also receive an insurance policy within 3-4 business days. This policy will have your name, policy number, insurance company's contact information such as the toll-free telephone number and the address where claims should be submitted.

Purchasing insurance online is very simple. Click on the 'Buy' button will lead you to the appropriate online application form. You have to complete the online application form and make the payment using a credit card. You will immediately receive an email acknowledgment, and the policy will be mailed or emailed to you within 3-4 business days. The coverage will start from the start date as indicated on the form.

Yes you can purchase for only partial duration of the entire stay. However the purpose of purchasing insurance is in the event of unanticipated medical emergencies. One can never be sure when such an emergency can happen. Having purchased insurance for part of their stay will not help in the event of an emergency during the uninsured period

A month is calculated as 30 continuous days from the start date requested and it can include two partial calendar months.

The minimum duration varies for different insurance plans. It is typically for as little as five days

A specific amount that your health insurance company may require that you pay out-of-pocket each year before your health insurance plan begins to make payments for claims. If your plan has a $100 deductible, you pay the first $100 of expenses and then the insurance company picks up the rest.

Where your stay abroad is extended for reasons beyond your control, the extension may be granted by insurance company after collecting appropriate additional premium. You have to contact your insurer with details in such cases.

You can get your policy cancelled only if you have not undertaken the journey and you produce your passport as a proof that the journey has not been undertaken. Any such request of cancellation will be entertained up to 14 days after the first date of insurance as indicated in the schedule of the policy. In case of cancellation of your policy, a specified amount will be deducted as administration charges, from the refundable amount.