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What is insurance? |  What a pain!
  • Your mortgager/ lender requires that you carry fire and other peril coverages for your property, home or shop.
  • Your auto lender requires that you carry physical damage cover.
  • Law requires you to carry automobile liability
  • Inflation and rising medical cause require you to go for health insurance.

Fire, Flood or Lightning

Accident or Illness


Accident to Vehicle


The Solution:Insurance

Insurance is the protection of the people against specific perils:
Fire, Flood, Lightning & Natural Disaster:

Fire and Special Perils Policy, Shopkeeper Policy, Householder Policy

Accident or Illness:

Health and Personal Accident Policy

Accident to Vehicle:

Vehicle Insurance Policy


Term Insurance Policy

Benefit of Insurance

Benefits provided to individuals / families / business and society are:
  • Indemnifying the loss
  • Reducing uncertainty
  • Promoting loss control
  • Providing support for credit
  • Satisfactory business requirements
  • Using resources efficiently
  • Satisfying legal requirements
  • Providing a source of investment fund and reducing social burdens


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