If you travel for personal or for professional reasons, you need to buy travel insurance. There are many risks associated with travel that can cost a lot of money if not covered under a proper travel insurance policy. Thus, insurance helps in many ways to cover the unforeseen expenses and make your travel hassle-free.

Here are the top 3 reasons for buying a travel insurance plan :

  • To Reduce Uncertain Cancellation Risk
    The primary concern while travelling is frequent detours due to sudden road, rail or airways blockage. Expenses incurred due to sudden cancellation of your booking whether it is a flight, train or bus are covered under travel insurance plans. Any cancellations in your accommodation and other facilities also come under the coverage of a travel insurance policy. Please note, if you cancel your trip and ask for compensation, you must give valid reasons for your cancelations. Sudden serious illness, death in close family or natural disasters in the city you are visiting are considered as valid reasons. In absence of these, you will not get any compensation.
  • To Reduce Lost Commodities Risk
    Another situation where travel insurance plays a crucial role is the loss of baggage and other utilities while travelling. An insurance policy covers the compensation of your lost baggage and other valuables, which is an essentiality in any trip. Along with this, any kinds of travel document loss such as passport, visa etc. are also covered by insurance plans.
  • To Get Emergency Aid
    One of the most important aspects of travelling is emergencies where you need immediate help. This includes any kind of medical emergency like accidents, illness etc. These emergencies are covered under your travel insurance. Also, if you have to cancel the trip due to some emergencies at your end, you get the compensation against the expenses made towards the travel.
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Buying a travel insurance plan is not a waste of money. It is extremely important to travel with suitable insurance so that you can cover the risks involved with travelling. Most of these risks are due to unforeseen circumstances. While you plan carefully for your travel, be it personal or professional, it is also important to plan travel insurance, as it brings a lot of benefits.

Here are the top benefits of travel insurance listed for your ready reference :

  • Takes Care of Unseen Situations : Travelling involves a large number of transportation checkpoints if you are travelling in different countries or even in the same country. Any unwanted delays and detours that may occur due to flight delays and cancellations or other such inconvenience are sorted if you have an insurance policy in place. In case of extension of your trip, insurance agencies having tie-ups will greatly help in securing a good deal on tickets.
  • Easy Documentation and Compensation : Insurance agencies provide a full proof plan whereby your documents and valuables are protected from loss and theft. If your baggage or documents such as passport etc. get stolen, you get the compensation from the travel insurance company. You are saved from all the documentation related to such procedures. Your travel insurance provider does all the documentation.
  • Accommodation & Medical Help : Most travel insurance policies have tie-ups with hotels and hospitals to facilitate a viable travelling experience to the customers. With this, you are sure of aid in times of medical emergencies and if you have to extend your accommodation for a longer period.
  • Keeping the Home Safe : This might not form the basis of travelling but it is a concern for most travellers. Insurance agencies often come with a package, which helps to secure your home while you are away. In case of any problems or accidents that may occur in your house in your absence, you get the compensation.
    This might not form the basis of travelling but it is a concern for most travellers. Insurance agencies often come with a package, which helps to secure your home while you are away. In case of any problems or accidents that may occur in your house in your absence, you get the compensation.

There are several travel insurance plans available in India to choose from. Depending upon your need, you can choose the best travel insurance for you and your family after gaining knowledge about all types of plans.

We are listing here all types of travel insurance policies that you can avail to keep your travel safe and secure.

  • Domestic Travel Insurance : This travel insurance policy is for people travelling within the country. You may get it from your travel agent along with your trip booking, at a little extra cost, or you can buy a separate plan from a travel insurance provider. This basic travel insurance plan covers you for medical emergencies, death and disability, personal losses, checked-in baggage loss, travel delays and natural disasters. Domestic travel insurance is available for individual, family, corporate, single-trip or multi-trip travelling too.
  • International Travel Insurance : This travel insurance for travelling out of India and is usually a part of travel ticket or package, as a basic policy. You can always buy better travel insurance with added coverage offered by an insurance provider. The added coverage can cover you for medical expenses in other countries, hijack issues, baggage loss, travel and flight delays, evacuation from a foreign land to your own country, loss of passport or other travel documents and other emergencies. It is available for individual, family, corporate, single-trip, or multi-trip international travel.
  • Family Travel Insurance : If you travel frequently with family, you must go for this type of insurance. The entire family is insured under a single travel insurance policy. Unforeseen situations like medical expenses, baggage loss and more are covered in the policy. This is a helpful policy to cover multiple people in less paperwork.
  • Corporate Travel Insurance : This is for the companies whose employees are required to travel for business, internationally and domestically. It is commonly known as business travel insurance. This type of travel insurance covers the company against the financial losses or damages that occur with employees while travelling for official work. These damages could be physical injuries, accident or death, loss of baggage, terrorism attacks, emergency evacuation, delay or cancellation of flights.
  • Multi-trip Travel Insurance : This is the best travel insurance for frequent travellers and is valid for one year. It offers coverage on multiple trips taken in a year. This is suitable because people who travel frequently do not have to apply for travel insurance every time they are travelling and go into the hassle of paperwork and formalities.
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance : As the name suggests, this travel insurance policy is for a single trip providing regular coverage against medical and personal loss contingencies.
  • Travel Insurance for Students : Students going abroad for studies can opt for this type of travel insurance. They must produce a student visa to buy this insurance plan. It provides comprehensive coverage for expenses on medical treatments while pursuing an education in another country, passport loss, cost incurred on study interruptions.
  • Senior Citizens Travel Insurance : This is for the people between the age of 60-70. This type of travel insurance plan is best for senior citizens to take care of their unprepared medical expenses in unwanted medical situations. This policy provides coverage for dental treatments, cashless hospitalisation, and other regular travel insurance benefits.
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While a travel insurance plan is essential for securing your travel experience, it can prove to be a letdown if you do not understand the inclusions and exclusions of travel insurance. Mere checking the insurance plans coverage and selecting a suitable package is not enough, you have to read between the lines and be aware of the terms and conditions.

While you have already read about what is included in the travel insurance policy, here is the list of exclusions :

  • Cancellation by Tour Operators : Compensations for cancellations are only provided when you cancel your trip or if the authorities (hotel or flight) cancel it due to some issues. Bookings made through tour operators and agents cannot be compensated if the concerning travel agency cancels the tour. However, if this tour agency has a tie-up with your insurance agency and both are compatible then you might get some compensation. It is better to check the tie-ups of your agency prior booking
  • Existing Health Conditions, Sports Injuries & Pregnancy Deliveries : These are excluded from travel insurance policies, as they are not emergency health or aid conditions. It is better to declare your existing health conditions, pregnancy etc. while travelling and prepare yourself accordingly. However, early pregnancy stage women can be compensated in case of emergencies. Sports activities such as bungee jumping, sky-diving etc. related injuries doesn't fall under the coverage of travel medical insurance plan because it's a voluntary activity, not a sudden accident.
  • Warfare Related Compensation : Terrorist attacks are included in travel insurance policies and are surely compensated but any war-related delays and cancellations are excluded from the policy. So, if a war breaks out in the country you are travelling in and your flights are delayed or cancelled, insurance agents cannot help you. It is the internal matter of the respective country and only the consulate of your country can be of help.
  • Immediate Baggage Loss Compensation : This insurance plan only covers the theft or loss of baggage and valuables that occur for a long period. You cannot get compensation immediately; the travel insurance agency needs to ascertain that your baggage was lost for more than a day to compensate for it. Baggage, which was missing for a few hours and found later cannot be included in this policy.
  • Invalid or False Cancellation Reasons : You get the compensation only if you provide valid reasons for cancelling your trip such as accident, illness, death in the family etc. Invalids apparent reasons such as spouse quarrel, pet's health condition, and such trivial issues are not considered.
    These are some of the things excluded from travel insurance policies. Read and compare on Cover 360 to be sure of all the inclusions and exclusions you sign the travel insurance agreement.

Frequent travellers know the importance and utility of having a proper travel insurance policy. A foolproof travel insurance plan comes with a good premium. However, the travel insurance premium is affected by a range of factors which are important for you to know.

Here are certain factors, which greatly affects the premium of travel insurance policies.

For more information on premium cost for various travel insurance policies, you can compare various travel insurance plans online at Cover 360 and find the best suited to you.

While securing your travelling experience with a travel insurance plan is necessary, it should not be done in a hurry. You must make a well-informed decision after comparing travel insurance plans and taking consolation from a travel insurance advisor at Cover 360.

Before you select one of the plans offered by various travel insurance companies in India, make sure you have considered the following important points :

  • Understanding Expenses, Activities and Coverage : Before selecting a travel insurance plan, crosscheck with trip expenses and activities included in it. Consult with a travel insurance advisor with us to know if all your expenses are covered. Be clear about the inclusions and exclusions of your travel insurance like sports injury compensation etc. Check the type of coverage whether primary having an all-inclusive coverage or a secondary one which can be done through reimbursements. Understand the deductibles and coverage limits if any.
  • Background Check of the Travel Insurance Company : The travel insurance company and its claim settlement ratio are very important. Enquire and crosscheck about the market reputation of your insurance provider. Go for a company that has good customer care department and excellent claim settlement ration.
  • Claim Filing Procedure : Before you select a travel insurance plan, it is important to know and understand the claim filing procedure and the list of all the documents that will be required. Make sure you declare all the travel related information and list of belongings before travelling.
  • Check the Replacements Policy : Most insurance plans come with set conditions, which need to be taken care of. If replacements or refills such as medications are required, their expenses need to be done either by you or by your travel insurance policy. Check with the insurance agent if such things are included in the plan.
  • Check the Cancellations Policy : Check the cancellation policy carefully and determine the conditions where you are eligible for compensation. Check the circumstances of excluded from compensation such as tour operator cancellation etc.
  • Check the Available Riders (Add-ons) : Make sure you take note of the add-ons in each clause and sections. You cannot afford to lose your valuables and pay for that. Check the insurance agency's terms and conditions regarding the add-on covers. Check which type of baggage and valuables are excluded from it. Mostly, jewellery, devices such as laptops are not covered in a travel insurance plan. You can always understand the add-on coverage and buy the most suitable riders to make sure most of your travel is secured.
    Take time and read about the travel insurance plans and the companies offering travel Insurance in India to know the best choice for you. We at Cover 360 are committed to bringing the best possible information for you.

Travel Insurance has become crucial as it assures our safety and wellness during travelling. However, it is not that easy a process and needs considerable thought and effort. Hence, it is essential that you compare different travel insurance plans and then make a choice.

Here are some checkpoints to keep in mind while comparing travel insurance plans

  • Helps in Getting the Best Coverage
    Comparing travel insurance deals ensures that you get the best deal having the best coverage duration and benefits. People often like the plan with a longer duration and a lower premium rate.
  • Helps in Understanding Inclusions & Exclusions
    One might not understand the importance of this but you can properly understand the inclusions and exclusions policy of the deals only after a proper comparison. This provides much-needed clarity regarding the usage and understanding of the plan.
  • Helps to get a Preferred Deal
    Travel insurance plans come with various packages, and benefits. Choosing the right one is often difficult. It is often difficult to understand which one serves best and what your criteria is. Comparing deals can greatly help in this process.
  • Gives you an insight into other policies
    Comparing various deals makes you aware of better deals. Not just your chosen plan but you get a glimpse of other plans as well and the market rate of the deals.
  • Tells you what works and what does not
    Most people go for comparison thinking to get a better deal at a better premium rate. However, the most important part of comparing different plans is getting to know how good or bad they are in reality. It's the customer reviews and feedbacks, which help you, understand what exactly works and what is not good.
    So, before you choose make sure you compare travel insurance provided by various insurance companies in India and look into the details. Buy the most suited travel insurance policy here at Cover360.

People cannot do without a travel insurance plan in this day and age. It is an absolute necessity that helps you to get the compensation in case of losses during travel. However, you need to understand when and how to file a travel insurance claim.

While most insurance plans have the travel insurance claim form attached to the policy draft, yet, it is important to know the steps to file.

Here are the steps listed below.

  • Check your policy coverage, time limits and exclusions
    The first thing to do is to check your policy draft carefully and understand the coverage limit, the time duration, and other clauses. Then check for the time limit of filing the claim and the exclusion clauses, which states the circumstances where compensation is not possible.
  • Sort your bills and receipts
    Most travel insurance providers require the bills and receipts of your travel expenditure to process your claim. So, make sure you have all the receipts and they are dated properly.
  • Keep your other policy papers ready
    It is not just the case of your travel insurance alone. It connects with other documents, especially any other insurance policies that you may have. So, keep your Mediclaim papers ready, contact the medical insurance providers before filing for the travel insurance claim as some media claims might cover your travel health issues. Similarly, keep a record of your life insurance and other policies handy.
  • Immediately report emergency situations
    Travel insurance plans require you to connect with your agents immediately after an emergency has occurred. Most of them have a specific hour of the time of reporting after which it is not valid. So, make sure you report in time.
  • File Lost Complaint Immediately
    To process your claim, insurance agents need to know how much loss has happened and when and how did it happen. Hence, an official report filed with the local authorities is needed to crosscheck. So, report your missing or lost baggage to the local authorities immediately and get a copy of that report for the insurance claim filing.
  • Keep your insurance agent's number in the emergency contact list
    Always list your insurance agent's number as a priority contact in every document. This helps in establishing a contact immediately thus helping you at that instant.
  • File the claim as soon as possible
    In the aftermath of a problem, prioritize the insurance claiming. Do not keep it aside until the trip ends. Contact the travel insurance provider as soon as possible and start filing the claim.
  • Enquire if your claim is rejected
    Lastly, properly scrutinize your claim filing in case it is rejected and ask for a proper explanation.
    These are the basic steps to follow while filing for a travel insurance claim. If you have any queries related to claim to file for travel insurance, you can get in touch with us. Cover 360 is eager to help you with all your insurance-related queries.

As we know, travel insurance is a matter of great importance for a successful travelling experience. Hence, it is essential to know the top travel insurance providers in the country and their primary features.

Listed below are the top travel insurance companies present in India.

  • TATA AIG Travel Insurance provides basic insurance features such as medical accident, baggage loss, flight cancellation, a personal accident cover along with special Asia and student packages.
  • Religare Travel Insurance provides round the clock assistance with personal accident cover, the medical cover including life-threatening diseases and pre-existing illness, loss of baggage or passport, transport of ill patients, hospital bills etc.
  • Apollo Munich Travel Insurance provides full medical cover, multi-trip coverage, automatic plan extension, and family-individual- senior citizen variant of policy for all persons without age limit.
  • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance covers personal accidents, medical emergency coverage including repatriation in case of deaths, baggage loss including check-in baggage, passport loss etc. for people up to 60 years of age.
  • SBI Travel Insurance provides 50,000 to 5,00,000 USD medical cover and 25000 USD personal accident cover, flight delay cancellation cover, home burglary cover, worldwide risk-free travel and 24/7 assistance.
  • Reliance Travel Insurance offers different types of plans including domestic, overseas, Schengen etc. in a customized format for people up to 80 years of age.
  • Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance rated iAAA by ICRA, it offers stable and secure plans which include medical coverage, baggage loss, flight delay and cancellation, cashless hospital treatment abroad and burglary cover.
  • Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance providing medical coverage including hospitalization fees and 2 days in hand cash allowance, dental relief coverage, evacuation, and political stress risk coverage, baggage loss coverage and 7 days automatic policy extension.
    These are the top travel insurance providers in the country, securing travelling for many in the country. Cover360 is committed to bringing you all the possible information related to travel insurance in India.

While selecting the most suitable travel insurance plan, it is important to understand the top plans available in India and the features offered by them.

Here are the top trending travel insurance plans in India and their features :

The decision and choice to buy the best travel insurance plan are very important. It secures your travels and helps you to get suitable compensations in case of logistical and physical losses. Yet, the process could be cumbersome and time-consuming.

At Cover 360 – Poora Insurance Services, we help our customers to gain complete knowledge about travel insurance, to compare various travel insurance plans and to buy the most suited as per their needs.

Here is how we help you and offer the complete after-sales customer service :

  • Our Website is Informative and Effortless
    The website offers all the information related to all travel insurance products. It is simple to use and we make sure all the information is presented in the simplest form. You can compare travel insurance plans and buy the best at ease and comfort of your home.
  • Quick Access to Information
    In case you have any queries related to travel insurance policy, you can always contact us and get the relevant information immediately. We are committed to offering the most accurate knowledge about all insurance providers offering travel insurance plans in India.
  • Help with Claim Processing
    Apart from helping you to buy the right travel insurance policy, we also provide complete assistance to file the travel insurance claims and getting the paper-work ready.
  • Making the Entire Process Easy
    It is commonly believed that buying insurance is a tedious process. We at Cover 360 make this process uncomplicated and extremely easy for you. We offer simplified forms, easy language and easy to understand insurance terms. Our insurance experts are always here to take any queries and give the right advice related to travel insurance policies.
  • Policy Tracking
    We keep the track of your travel insurance policy electronically and follow any activity that occurs on it closely. Right from the time you buy it until you file a claim for it, we will keep a track of every little detail and will even remind you about the renewals etc.
    Cover360 is your one-stop shop to gather all the information about travel insurance policies, buy the best policy and filing claim against it. We are here to help you with poora insurance services.