About Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is a collaboration between Max India Limited and Bupa - the internationally renowned, UK-based healthcare provider. The range of Max Bupa health plans covers health insurance, critical illnesses, families, and accident insurance. This way, they ensure maximum coverage.

Max Bupa Medical Insurance offers cashless claim facilities in their 4500+ network hospitals all over the country. With an impressive 92% claim settlement ratio, they have established themselves as a reliable company dedicated to relieving financial stress for their clients. Their lack of Third-Party Administrators and commitment to In-House Settlement also better their image. Clients can directly contact the company when in doubt. This kind of extensive coverage places their plans in high demand.

The various Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans include:

  • Max Bupa Health Companion Insurance
  • Max Bupa Heartbeat Health Insurance
  • Max Bupa Criticare Health Insurance
  • Max Bupa GoActive Health Insurance
  • Max Bupa AccidentCare Health Insurance
  • Max Bupa Health Premia Insurance
  • Max Bupa Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Health Insurance

Let’s take a closer look at each Max Bupa Health Insurance policy.

Max Bupa Health Companion Insurance

  • Entry Age: Birth-65 years
  • Policy Term: 1-2 years
  • Sum Assured: Silver - Rs. 3-20lakhs (Individual) and Rs. 1-10 lakhs (Family First);
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: 30 and 60 days, respectively.

Other benefits:

  • Ambulance Coverage: Up to Rs. 3000
  • Medical Expenses of OPD Treatment: Up to Rs. 5000
  • No Claim Bonus: Up to maximum 100%

Max Bupa Heartbeat Health Insurance

  • Entry Age: from birth-65 years
  • Policy Term: 1-2 years
  • Sum Assured: Rs. 5 lakhs - 1 crore
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: 60 and 90 days, respectively.

Other benefits:

  • Maternity and newborn benefits and coverage.
  • Increase of 10% of expiring Base Sum Insured in a Policy Year; Maximum 100%
  • Daily hospitalisation cash allowance: Up to Rs. 3000 per day depending on the plan chosen

Max Bupa Criticare Health Insurance

  • Entry Age: 18-65 years
  • Policy Term: 1-3 years
  • Sum Assured: Rs. 3 lakhs - 2 crores
  • Coverage: 20 major critical illnesses.

Other benefits:

  • Direct claim settlement without involving third party administrators
  • Discounts on choosing 2 or 3-year policy term
  • The choice between lumpsum payout of the sum insured or lumpsum payout with 10% payable every year for 5 consecutive years

Max Bupa GoActive Health Insurance

  • Entry Age: 18-65 years
  • Policy Term: 1 year
  • Sum Insured: Rs. 4 - 25 lakhs
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: 90 and 180 days, respectively.

Other benefits:

  • All daycare treatment is covered under this Max Bupa health policy
  • Enter at or before the age of 35 years and receive a 10% discount in the First Policy Year Base Premium and all subsequent Renewal Base Premium
  • Emergency Ambulance Coverage: Up to Rs. 3000 per hospitalisation

Max Bupa AccidentCare Health Insurance

  • Entry Age: 18-65 years
  • Policy Term: 1-3 years
  • Sum Assured: Rs.5-5 crores depending on underwriter
  • Funeral Expenses: Rs.5,000; Rs.50,000

Other benefits:

  • Accident Death Benefit: 100% of the sum insured for the self and 50% for spouse
  • 125% sum insured in case of permanent total disability.
  • Child Education Benefit: Rs.50,000-5,00,000

Max Bupa Health Premia Insurance - Platinum

  • Policy Term: 1-3 years
  • Sum Assured: Rs.1-3 crores
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: 90 and 180 days, respectively
  • Hospital Cash: Rs.7500 per day

Other benefits:

  • Maternity benefit: Up to Rs.2 lakhs
  • Cover for diagnostic services and OPD
  • Coverage for HIV/AIDS up to Rs.50,000
  • Optional personal accident cover up to Rs.1 crore.

Max Bupa Arogya Sanjeevani Policy Health Insurance

  • Entry Age: 18-65 years (Adults)
  • Policy Term: 1 year
  • Sum Assured: Rs.1-5 lakhs
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalisation: 30 and 60 days respectively

Other benefits:

  • Cumulative Bonus: Increase in the sum insured by 5% in respect of each claim-free year subject to a maximum of 50% of sum insured.
  • Grace Period: 30 days
  • Covers expenses of hospitalisation for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours

Why Should You Choose Max Bhupa (people often spell it like this mistakingly) Health Insurance

Max Life Health Insurance offers a wide range of advantages. From clear policy wordings to complete transparency about their plans, every Max Bupa mediclaim policy remains popular. Why is this true? What are the benefits of choosing from the Max health insurance plans?

  • With over 4500 network hospitals, the reach of cashless hospitalisation services is very impressive.
  • Their comprehensive and straightforward website ensures that you can avail their numerous benefits at the MaxBupa health insurance website. This also allows for an easy renewal procedure with minimal effort.
  • From the Max Bupa critical illness plan, Criticare, to the more explicit Max Bupa Family Health Insurance plans, this company manages to involve family floater options everywhere. This gives you the advantage of covering more people at a lower premium than if you just bought a family plan.
  • Purchasing a Max Bupa group health insurance or individual insurance makes premiums deductible under Section 80(D) of the Income Tax Act.

Max Bupa Health Insurance Premium Calculator

You can find out the premium you can expect from your plan using the Max Bupa calculator. They use specific guidelines that help them determine your premium. By sharing these with you, they can further maintain their transparency and let you know how much you can expect to pay at the end of each policy year.

The guidelines the Max Bupa premium calculator uses are:

  • Ages of every member insured under the chosen Max Bupa policy
  • Geographical location
  • Number of family members included under the plan (if necessary)
  • Sum insured chosen
  • Type of plan chosen

Max Bupa Health Insurance Claim Process

The current Max Bupa Health Insurance claim settlement ratio is 92%. This impressively high number reveals the ease of claim processing under Max Bupa. A lot of times, when claim processes are unclear, claims are denied. Max Bupa avoids this with excellent customer care and no involvement of Third-Party Administrators. They use in-house experts for both cashless and reimbursement-based claims. What are the processes?

Cashless Claims

  • Ensure you are at a Max Bupa network hospital.
  • Submit your Max Bupa Health Card or policy number with any valid ID.
  • After the network hospital has verified you, they will send a pre-authorisation form to Max Bupa for verification.
  • Upon confirmation, Max Bupa will email or fax the network hospital. They will also send you the confirmation through SMS.
  • After any necessary formalities, Max Bupa will contact the hospital and settle the claim with them.

Reimbursement Claims

  • After paying the treatment costs, notify Max Bupa within 48 hours of discharge.
  • Collect all the necessary documents during discharge, so the claim processing happens smoothly.
  • Fill in the claim form and send it to Max Bupa along with the necessary documents, your ID, and age proof.
  • After reviewing the documents, Max Bupa will initiate the reimbursement process, and the money will be sent to your bank account.

Cover360 is here to help you successfully file claims without leaving out any important documents. We ensure that you have everything your insurer needs so that you get the fastest response and know the status of your claim as soon as possible!

Max Bupa Health Insurance Renewal Process

  • Visit cover360.in and go to our renewal page
  • Enter the details asked
  • You will be taken to the Max Bupa website to complete the renewal process
  • Alternatively, you can go straight to the website, login, and go to the “My Account” tab.
  • Under the “Renew Now” option, enter the policy number and date of birth of the eldest member covered under the policy.
  • If you want to upgrade your plan, you need to resubmit your medical history and schedule a medical test to qualify you for the upgrade.
  • Finish filling in the necessary details and pay your premium using whichever method you prefer.
  • Max Bupa will send a soft-copy confirmation of renewal within 48 hours, and the hard copy will arrive within 15 days.

If you have any questions about any process, you are free to call, and our experts will be more than happy to help you! Cover360's dedicated 24/7 customer care team is here to help you cross any hurdles you encounter during your journey to get the most fulfilling coverage possible!