About TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Established in 2001, TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited is authorised as a joint venture linking Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG). The Tata Group is one of the greatest conglomerates in the country whereas AIG is a global insurance firm, which is present in more further than 100 nations universally.

TATA AIG is distinguished for its instantaneous claim and hassle-free claim settlement process.

Since 2001, TATA AIG has made it a purpose to present insurance products to satisfy the necessities of their clients. As an outgrowth, Tata AIG was granted the "General Insurer Claims Team of the Year" by the Claims Awards Asia 2013. Tata AIG advances consumer as well as commercial establishments’ general insurance policies.

TATA AIG General Insurance offers insurance products in the following domains :

  • TATA AIG Health Insurance
  • TATA AIG Travel Insurance
  • TATA AIG Car Insurance
  • TATA AIG Two-wheeler Insurance
  • TATA AIG Personal Accident Insurance
  • TATA AIG Home Insurance
  • TATA AIG Lifestyle Insurance
  • TATA AIG Private Client Insurance
  • TATA AIG Rural Insurance

The Edge Offered by TATA AIG General Insurance Company

There are several general insurers at present in the store. Nonetheless, the following indicators surrender an edge to TATA AIG General Insurance Company over other insurers.

Let us take a glance at them:

  • Most General Insurance companies don’t extend lifestyle insurance, rural insurance and private client insurance. Nevertheless, TATA AIG General Insurance Company does give a diverse assortment of those products at a moderate valuation.
  • The Health insurance plans administered by TATA AIG advance customised plans for employees as well as women-centric plans in comparison to other Insurance companies

Claim Settlement Ratio

In 2017-2018, TATA AIG General Insurance claim settlement ratio was :

  • Motor: 68.62%
  • Health: 60.68%