Importance of Health Insurance

A health insurance plan not only saves you from health emergencies, but it also becomes a vital part of your financial planning. It ensures a safe and secure future for you and your loved ones. It becomes our responsibility to buy a sufficient health plan for self and family to be protected against sudden and unexpected costs of hospitalization and emergency treatment costs. If you do not have health insurance, you may have to run from pillar to post to arrange for money when sudden significant expenses owing to health treatments fall your way. It can also cause a big hole in your pocket to pay for those treatments. Moreover, in today’s polluted and unsafe world, each one of us is exposed to so many illnesses, and a medical emergency can strike at any point in time. With healthcare increasingly becoming expensive, it becomes essential to have sound health insurance in hand to make use of it at the right time.

Health insurance makes healthcare affordable.

Reasons to Buy Health Insurance

To think that you need health insurance is not sensible. You need it for more than one valid reasons.

Here are some listed for you:

  • Health insurance assures cost of hospitalization for you
  • It takes care of medical emergencies
  • It helps you to avail tax benefits
  • It helps you to take care of expenses during critical illnesses
  • It provides a safety net for you and your family
  • You can stay relaxed about medical expenses in case of sudden needs
Benefits and Features of Health Insurance
  • Health policies come with a hoard of features, and they offer many benefits. Here are some of the defined benefits that come with your health plan.
  • You can opt for cashless hospitalisation in network hospitals of your insurance provider.
  • Pre-hospitalisationexpenses such as tests, medicines, and doctor’s fee that you make before the patient is transferred to the hospital are also covered in health insurance.
  • Post hospitalisation expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, OPD charges, etc. that you make to recover from an illness or injury are covered in your policy.
  • Critical illness cover provides the benefits in case of life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumour and kidney failure etc.
  • Hospital cash is another benefit of your health insurance which make a provision of INR 1000 to 5000 per day as per the type of policy that you have.

Apart from these benefits, your health plan also provides:

How to Select Health Insurance
How to Select Health Insurance Using Cover360.in And Other Criteria’s and Eligibility

Cover 360 offers you a platform to compare various health insurance products and choose the best suited to you, at a single podium. Here is why it is easy to buy health insurance at Cover 360.

  • There is no need to browse through multiple websites of the insurance providers to reach the right one.
  • To make your task easy, all the essential data pertaining to various health insurance products provided by insurance providers is gathered here at single platform.
  • All the imperative information is available in easy to understand language and to help you buy the most effective health plan for you and your family.
  • Just log in to our health insurance page and do as directed.

You can purchase health insurance in India if:

  • You are an Indian citizen with a verified identity.
  • You are between the age of 18 to 65. Some insurance provides plans for 70 and above too based on conditions.
  • You want insurance for a child or infant; the minimum age is 90 days.
  • You have gone through all the medical tests and the reports for any existing ailments are attached with your form.

It is advisable to buy health insurance at an early age to get the maximum benefits from your plan. It also helps to access your claims better and faster if you do not hide any facts related to your health and medical conditions while buying a good health insurance policy.

No Claim Bonus: You are entitled to a no-claim bonus offered by your insurance provider if you did not make any claim in a policy year.

How to Buy Health Insurance

Buying health insurance is not at all a tedious process. With Cover 360 at your service, you can compare, choose and buy the best health plan suited to your needs.

Here are the few easy steps to need to follow to buy the health insurance plan:

  • Understand the medical expenses that you can afford and that you cannot afford. Make a list of non-affordable expenses.
  • Check the defined limit (coverage amount or sum insured) given by the various providers up to which your health expenses are claimable
  • Check the premiums that you need to pay against those different coverage amounts.
  • Decide whom do you want to cover in the health insurance policy – just you or your family too.
  • For family, you can either opt for individual health policies or a family floater plan. The ideal is a combination of both.
  • Finalizing your coverage amount is a critical step in buying a policy. To decide the amount you need, do not just consider your present health condition. Consider your expenses in near, medium and long term future too
  • Check the type of plans available from various health insurance providers. Different types of health insurance plans available in the market are basic health plans, comprehensive health plans, top-up plans and benefit health plans etc. Read all of them carefully and determine as per your need.
  • Finally, check the network hospital list of the insurance provider you chose. The hospitals should be in your nearby vicinity.
  • Review your plan and make the premium payment to buy the shortlisted policy.
Claim Process for Health Insurance

Based on the type of insurance you have, the claim process also varies.

Claiming Cashless Hospitalisation

You get the treatment without paying anything upfront. An approval from the third-party administrator of the insurance company is needed. These TPAs are present at the hospital itself.

Claiming Reimbursement

In such a case, you pay the bills on your own and insurance company reimburses later through a documented insurance claim. Here, you may need to make a single claim from a single insurer. If you have multiple insurance policies you need to make multiple claims with multiple insurers, depending on how many insurance providers are covering you for various health-related needs.

  • Inform your insurance provider about the need for hospitalisation.
  • Get admitted to a network hospital and present your health insurance id card to the third-party administrator (TPA) present in the hospital to access your insurance details.
  • TPA will get in touch with hospital authorities to fill up a pre-authorisation form with the all treatment details, medical scans, other required documents, etc. and send it to the insurer for approvals.
  • The insurer will check the documents, once satisfied with documents and eligibility for the cashless claim; they will send a go-ahead to the network hospital to give the treatment.
  • At patient discharge, the medical facility will send all the bills along with complete health and medical records and any other documents, if needed, to the insurer for final claim settlement.
  • At the time of hospitalisation, send the information to your insurer.
  • Once over with the treatment, fill the claim form available at insurer’s website.
  • Attach all relevant and required documents such as medical reports, hospital bills, discharge summary and any other supporting documents in original, with the claim form and submit to the insurer.
  • The insurer may enquire about all the medical documents or past and present. Keep them ready.
  • Follow up and coordinate with TPA to make sure all the documentation is complete, and the claim is processed.
  • If everything remains in order, insurer approves your health insurance claim within 30-40 days.

Remember to keep all your documents from the insurance company and from the hospital in order.

About Fayde ki Baat Hai Campaign

It is a PAN India public interest campaign to spread awareness about the importance of general insurance. This campaign brings forward the benefits of insurance products such as Home Insurance, Health Insurance, and Motor Insurance.

The campaign will connect with a larger demographic, through a 360-degree approach, that would include conventional and digital mediums such as television, outdoor advertising, digital, radio and PR.

The campaign will include four TVCs which were launched on March 5, 2020. The idea of the campaign was created and conceptualised by creative agency, Leo Burnett.

Why Do We Need This Campaign?

There is a greater need for this campaign now than ever. More and more people are getting into false beliefs and misconceptions that insurance is a fraud concept, which is not valid. People find it an unnecessary expense and do not see much benefits of buying insurance for them or their assets. These misconceptions arise from lack of knowledge and misinformation. “FaaydekiBaatHai” campaign is dedicated to erase such misconceptions and bring to the fore the real importance and benefits of having an insured life.

Who Is Contributing To The Campaign?

General Insurance Council of India is contributing to the campaign, in which are included 25 General Insurance, 11 Reinsurance, 2 Specialized Insurance and 6 SAHI (Standalone Health Insurance) companies in India.

The Motive of This Campaign

The prime motive of this campaign is to bust the myths around insurance. This campaign will help people to get over the conventional thinking about insurance and see it in a better light. People will know the benefits clearly and make decisions that are more informed when it comes to buying general insurance.

Importance of the Campaign

More and more people take insurance as an unnecessary expense, which brings no gains. People are convinced that "insurance kakoyifaaydanahi”. Some believe that one never gets claims even after buying insurance. All these are wrong beliefs.

The campaign is very important to bring the actual truth to light and encourage people towards buying insurance to have a safe and secure life, especially health. This campaign will elevate people's belief in insurance and its many benefits such as:

  • Insurance helps you to save money during unforeseen losses.
  • Insurance helps in tax saving.
  • Insurance brings many other benefits, even if there is no claim.
  • Insurance helps you to manage your finances better.
  • Insurance makes you a law-abiding and responsible citizen.